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Too often witnessed only in the most successful and iconic sports franchises, high-performing teams are rare. When they come together, the results can be ground-breaking. At Tiempo, we recognized this early on, and that’s why the company has focused on establishing high performing teams as one of the single most important attributes for successful client engagements. Consistently getting this right – has resulted in delighted clients and Tiempo establishing itself as one of the fastest growing software development companies in the world. In this white paper, we discuss how our high-performance team discipline enables exceptional outcomes for clients.

Published: April 4, 2019 | 8 pages 

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Assembling and Empowering

When Tiempo Development recruits and hires people, we don’t select for tools and technologies to the degree that may be common in other software development companies. Newly joining team members understand and support the company’s core values and high-performance team culture. We identify people who will commit to solving clients’ problems creatively and tenaciously, and who won’t feel that certain tasks are outside of their responsibility, as long as they help meet promises made to clients.

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High-Performing Teams

Tiempo is all about High-Performing Teams. Teams comprising critical thinkers, agile masters, and world-class engineers. Teams with an uncompromising focus on agile methodologies and client outcomes. Teams working in a culture of accountability, flexibility, and transparency. Tiempo teams can scale to intense workloads on short notice as a complement to your organization. Or, they can step up to full product development with ownership and accountability. No matter whether you want to modernize a legacy software environment, build a new platform, or envision unheard-of capabilities that may rock an industry, you can rely on Tiempo high-performing teams.